The state-of-the-art food production laboratory of HOUTOS Catering is housed in the company’s facility in the area of Pefki, Thessaloniki. It has all the licenses provided by law, it’s certified according to the international standards ISO22000:2005(HACCP), ISO9001:2008, with VETERINARY APPROVAL CODE (IMP 134) while it has modern equipment with production capacity up to 2000 portions per day.

The laboratory has four separate production departments: hot dishes, cold dishes, patisserie & packaged products – snacks.


Human Resources

Food production in addition to raw material and equipment depends mainly on the human factor. That is why, at HOUTOS Catering we invest in our human resources. Our highly trained staff consists of Chefs, Cooks, Confectioners, Waiters, Assistants, Guides, Food Technologists and any specialty required for the smooth operation of our laboratory and the organization of each event. We invest in the continuous education of our people for the application of all the rules concerning the hygiene and safety of food. We encourage the personal development and growth of our executives as we believe that this is the basis of our own growth and development.

Raw materials and Suppliers

We choose our suppliers and the raw materials we use for our preparations strictly based on the following elements:

  • HACCP application
  • Product specification
  • Quality
  • Flexibility in ordering/communication
  • Observance of delivery times
  • Supplier reputation

We carry out continuous checks upon receipt of all products, fresh and packaged, for their quality, expiration dates, appearance and condition.

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