The continuous effort for continuous improvement of Information Security is the main concern of our company HOUTOS CATERING S.A. and philosophy of all its employees. Our goal is to offer services of exceptional quality and maximum benefit with a focus on Information Security.

To achieve this goal, all the necessary measures and arrangements for the management of Information Security have been defined and constitute the Information Security Management System.

The main purpose of Information Security is to protect corporate integrity and minimize risks by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

The purpose of the Information Security Policy is to protect the company from internal, external, intentional or accidental threats.

Our company is committed to:

  • The security of information in relation to all its activities, processes, services and products, confirmed and verified throughout the range of its activities
  • Protecting information from unauthorized access
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information
  • Maintaining the integrity of information
  • Ensuring the Availability of the information required for the smooth operation of the company
  • The compliance of its products and services with the applicable legislative provisions
  • Training employees on information security issues
  • The continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System and plans their implementation through:
  • Defining our goals and systematically monitoring their implementation
  • The provision of all the necessary resources and means to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the company
  • Fulfilling all relevant statutory and customer requirements so that all activities/services/products are aligned with information security requirements
  • The excellent organization, training and development of our staff and the encouragement for continuous improvement
  • Monitoring critical parameters of our processes to ensure information security at all levels of its operation

Responsible for the implementation of the Information Security Policy is designated the Information Security Management Officer.

The managers of each department are designated as responsible for the implementation of the Information Security Policy in their departments.

Compliance with the Information Security Policy and therefore the protection of information security throughout the company’s activities is mandatory for all employees of the company.

The information security policy is reviewed on an annual basis and approved by the CEO of the company CHOUTOS CATERING S.A.


Maria Houtou

CEO & legal representative of the company

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