A. HOUTOS CATERING ENTERPRISES LIMITED COMPANY with distinctive title HOUTOS CATERING S.A. responding to the demands of modern business reality and being a modernized, far-sighted company, recognizes the necessity of smooth and uninterrupted operation, for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and other interested parties, in order to provide continuous operation, decided to design and install a System Business Continuity Management (BCM), in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 22301:2019.

The Company’s Business Continuity Management System covers the “Preparation, preparation, transport, distribution & disposal of ready meals & catering items (mass catering), production of packaged sandwiches and croissants, provision of cook and waiter services, on Smyrni & Neromylos, Pefka – Thessaloniki » and was designed in accordance with the needs and aspirations of the Company and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the applicable Greek and Community Legislation.

The main objectives, as they are expressed in the procedures of the Company’s Business Continuity Management System, are:

  • the creation of a basis for the continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes, aiming at the continuous satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers to the maximum extent possible,
  • the minimization of the number of events that may affect the continuity of business processes, as well as the possible reduction of their effects,
  • the company’s compliance with the laws and regulations to which it is subject,
  • the continuous improvement of the system,
  • increase in preventive actions (and the company’s attitude regarding preventive action) in relation to the current level of business continuity management,
  • understanding of all business aspects to which the ETS applies,
  • monitoring and reviewing the indicators annually to assess whether they need changes, based on the data and information collected;
  • ensuring that the company’s Business Continuity Policy and objectives have been defined and are compatible with the company’s strategic direction,
  • ensuring the integration of the requirements of the ETS in the company’s business processes,
  • ensuring that the resources required for the EMS are available.
  • communicating the importance of effective business continuity and compliance with the requirements of the ETS.
  • ensuring that the EMS achieves the intended results,
  • guidance and support of the persons involved to contribute to the effectiveness of the EMS.
  • support of all human resources in order to commit them to the implementation of the PES.

The Company’s Business Continuity Management System is reviewed at regular intervals by the Management, in order to adapt to the new needs and developments of the market, to the legislative requirements, but also to achieve the goal of continuous improvement of the Company’s operations.

The Management is committed to making available the resources deemed necessary for the non-interruption of its operations and ensuring the business continuity of the company. Each employee is responsible for responding to, assimilating and applying the procedures required by the Business Continuity Management System through their daily activities. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the System and act in accordance with the provisions.

The Business Continuity Management Policy is communicated, understood and applicable by all human resources, with the ultimate goal of the continuous, stable development of its business activity, with unwavering adherence to its principles and the continuous and uninterrupted offer to customers of excellent quality services and maximum security. It is reviewed at regular intervals with the aim of continuously harmonizing it with market conditions, daily developments and current legislation.

Processes, flows and actions, which do not guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives set, are stopped immediately by those responsible, cause analyzes are carried out and the required improvement measures are defined.


HOUTOU MARIA, 15.12.2021

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